CFS (ME) / Fibromyalgia Treatment

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This is the Consultant training web site for Psynthesis

Psynthesis provides Breakthrough Training for existing practitioners looking to increase and diversify their existing income and individuals looking to set up in business

Using the latest breakthroughs in coach-consulting Psynthesis consultants are provided with specific training to service company stress and anxiety requirements and the associated needs of the organisation

Multi capability psychologically directed consultants represent the future of ethical empowering learning and development, care and support in the workplace

Kevin Garrington, the proprietor of Psynthesis and trainer of the Consultancy Program has been helping people successfully for more than 19 years with very significant experience of over 2500 client consultations. 

When you become a Psynthesis consultant you will be multi-discipline trained with ongoing full support from Kevin

The Opportunity: 

  • Increase and diversify your income for your existing practice
  • Service corporate business without the need to sell to them
  • Ongoing revenue streams
  • Security of income
  • A unique service from a proven working brand
  • Profile as an expert in this field
  • Geographically located consultants throughout the UK will be given exclusive access to company business within their given area. Marketing and support is included in the training fee which means that all you have to do is to service the client's needs as a Psynthesis Consultant

The training and service offering is unique allowing already existing practitioners to take advantage and immediately diversify their income into the corporate marketplace without the hassle of contacting and capturing business themselves (although every consultant can contact companies themselves if they wish,there is no limitation) 

What is unique is the use of a multi-disciplinary approach that has proven to work successfully with thousands of clients. A combination of disciplines  helping to  when used together and all have proven themselves to be successful over many years.  business in a box, full support and training with ongoing marketing

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